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I’m Jen Herzig Smith and I work at home on Tongva land, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California. My outdoor studio is where I create ink and art with plants gathered from the garden. I was born on Maidu land, Placerville, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California.

I’m committing to being an active participant in the generation that turns the corner in some way. It’s an offering of a more honest reckoning with the past, one that my parents were unable to give me. My work explores what kind of ancestor I want to be and how to model this for my children and future generations.


Because of the organic nature of working with plants, I am always getting glimpses into a way of being in this world. The colors are warm, earthy, and muddy. Browns like the soil and muted pinks like the berries in the trees. Depth and variation come from working with layers of color. By embracing the natural drips and bleeds that come from working this way, the paper changes and everything changes with it. The process requires respect, compassion and nurturing. With this approach comes raw natural beauty.

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Jen Herzig Smith 

Located on Tongva land.


phone: 323 620 8802

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